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March 2023 - Who To Watch?

With Terunofuji looking unlikely to compete in Osaka this year, who are the best wrestlers to watch? Let's go through some of the safer bets for high wins in the top 2 divisions.


5 - [Maegashira 7] Takayasu

Takayasu pulled out in January due to a tibia contusion, and may not be back at full strength for March. However, he is fighting at a rank he has historically performed very well at. The last time he was this low on the banzuke was this time last year, a basho in which Takayasu pulled 12 wins off and a jun-yusho to boot.

Prediction: It's a bit of a gamble to include the big bear in this list, but I'm going to say he'll pull off 9 wins this time around against middling competition at the surrounding ranks.

4 - [Sekiwake] Wakatakakage

3 - [Maegashira 2] Abi

2 - [Sekiwake] Kiribayama

1 - [Ozeki] Takakeisho


5 - [Juryo 9] Tsushimanada

Tsushimanada may have been slow to climb from Makuushita, but his recent 9-6 showed he can hang at this level, and that he may be able to put in another good performance at Juryo 9.

Prediction: I think another 9 wins is on the cards for Tsushimanada. Whether or not he can climb higher still is a conversation for another day.

4 - [Juryo 3] Shonannoumi

3 - [Juryo 3] Ichinojo

2 - [Juryo 13] Tomokaze

1 - [Juryo 1] Asanoyama

The Newbies

This is an exciting basho when we look at some of the up-and-comers either joining the Sekitori ranks or advancing to Makuuchi in March. Let's take a look at a couple of the most exciting ones:

[Maegashira 14] Kinbozan

Perhaps it's fate that Kinbozan and Hokuseiho will advance to Makuuchi in the same tournament. They've been the talk of many fans since their Juryo debuts. Kinbozan, the sole foreigner in Kise stable, hails from Kazakhstan, and is popping into Makuuchi after only 3 bashos at Juryo. Coming off the back of 3 winning records, Kinbozan will look to extend his success in March.

Prediction: 8 wins. I do think he has a better chance of success than Hokuseiho, although he has a bad record against the giant (0-3).

[Maegashira 15] Hokuseiho

[Juryo 14] Ochiai

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